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Home automation was once an idea realised only in science fiction; today, it is very much a reality, and with the help of Abacus Aerials, you too can bring your home into the 21st Century.

With competitively priced, bespoke home automation in Poole and the wider area, you’ll be able to control every aspect of your household with the push of a button.

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Putting you in control

Better still, the home automation Dorset service that we provide puts you completely in control. The system can be controlled via panels around your house as well as from virtually any iOS, or Android enabled device. The latter option lets you control your home from anywhere in the world! Plus, you’ll find iRidium Mobile, Throne BMS, Demopad and many other smart home applications compatible with this system.

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Elegant Smart Solutions

Every smart system is designed to enhance your life while providing security, convenience and energy efficiency. If you’re expecting ugly and obtrusive technology and wires strewn about your home, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Our Dorset home automation specialists design systems that integrate seamlessly and are completely hidden from view.

We provide control panels in many incredible colours, styles and finishes; so you’re sure to find one that matches your décor. Home automation in Poole provided by Abacus Aerials provides you with complete design flexibility. With setups tailored to your requirements, we will create the smart home you’ve always dreamed of.


What are the benefits of Home Automation? Lighting and Shading

Control the illumination in your home with the touch of a button with home automation in Poole. Our systems incorporate the very latest low-energy lighting which could reduce your energy use by up to 90%. Our range of automated lights, blinds and curtains can be automated to activate, open and close at set times. Alternatively, these can be controlled from a panel or enabled device – curtains and blinds can also be operated manually. These features enhance both security and privacy.


You’ll never miss a beat again with the best home automation Dorset has to offer from Abacus Aerials. Speakers can be wired up throughout the home and fully integrated allowing music to be played in select rooms or across the entire house. Are you in the middle of housework? Not a problem as music can be programmed to follow the user from room-to-room.

Best of all is that you can input from all common sound systems as well as stream content from any wirelessly enabled hard drive in a wide range of formats. Plus, the music can be tied into the security features to activate if a sensor is tripped.

Heating and Cooling

Our Dorset home automation experts can provide you with a system that lets you adjust your environment on-the-fly. With a single button push, you can tailor the temperature of select rooms or the whole household to your comfort level. Thanks to this unprecedented level of control, you’ll never again be faced with expensive utility bills.

If you still need further convincing, speak to our helpful advisors today who will be happy to explain to you how an automated home can change your life for the better. To request home automation in Poole and the wider area, call Abacus Aerials today on 07780 186 085.


A smart home is as much about keeping you and your home safe as it is about making your life easier. With home automation in Poole, you’ll be protected by a wide range of passive and active solutions such as:

  • Ultrasound
  • PIR Detectors
  • Window and Door
  • Sensors
  • Occupant Simulation
  • Security Cameras (that stream directly to your handheld device)

Combined with automated lighting, curtains and blinds, this gives the illusion that your home is inhabited even whilst you’re away.

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