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Multi LNB Satellite Dish

The most popular satellite system we install is a single dish with multiple LNBs each angled differently so they pick up signals from different European satellites, we use a switching device (DiSEqC switch), this controls which of those LNBs is in use at any given time so you can switch between satellites via your remote control. Call us today to get a free quote for a multi LNB satellite system & dish installation.

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Multi LNB Satellite Dish

Abacus Aerials offer a number of customised pub satellite packages. We are now installing viasat sports which offer Europe’s two most powerful titles, Premier League & Champions League in English commentary.

Viasat offers 380 games per season including Saturday 3pm. All the VIASAT SPORTS channels have two audio tracks allowing you to choose either English or Local broadcast commentary, when available. The viasat Sports system will need a 1.1m satellite dish with a digital receiver and a 12month subscription minimum which Abacus Aerials can fully supply and install at a great price. We can install a sports satellite system in pubs, clubs, home, or business. Call us today and get a free quote to have a pub satellite system fully supplied and fitted.

Motorised Satellite Dish System

A digital Motorised satellite dish installation means that a number of different satellites from east to west can be received when selecting the desired satellite you wish to tune into, your European satellite dish will automatically re-point when the satellite has been selected, this means you can choose from an even wider spectrum of satellites than a multi LNB satellite dish.

Free Channels

A basic FTA receiver (Free to air) will only be able to receive channels that are free to air, or non-subscription. The channels you actually receive will be dependent on the size and direction of the satellite dish.

There are thousands of FTA European satellite channels available to choose from in different languages ranging from movies, music, sports, entertainment.

Paid Channels

In order to receive any paid channels you will need an official viewing card from the channel broadcaster which you pay to open up the channels. Abacus Aerials can supply most types of viewing cards available including the satellite system and installation you require.

All pay channels are coded via an encryption. Viaccess, Iredeto and SECA are just three of the many encryptions currently being used. Depending on the channels you want to receive, you may need an appropriate CAM or card to decode the encryption.

European Satellite Dish Installation

A European satellite dish installation will give you access a variety of channels from around the world. European satellite can be a great alternative to Sky TV and offer different channels that are not available through a sky systems.

Whether you are a domestic or a commercial customer, we have a range of packages to suit you. We specialise in pubs satellite systems too delivering you the latest and widest array of sport, movies and music.

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