IRS Systems

Full digital switchover compliance and very flexible for end user and most important very cost effective. Tenants choose themselves if they wish to subscribe to these services. IRS Systems in the basic terms are a dish, TV aerial and radio aerials for analogue and digital TV, combined and brought down one cable to the tenant. This then gives each individual tenant through one cable, Satellite and Digital aerial, Analogue aerial signals. If your tenant requires reception also from more than one satellite via this communal system, which is common place now for local authorities and housing associations, this is possible quite simple with a change of electronics, extra dish and 4 more cables down from the roof with an extra satellite dish pointing to a different satellite.

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How many cables to run for an IRS System

IRS Systems require the aerials and dishes to be installed on the roof for best signal conditions, from here 5 cables are run into the best location in the building to be able to install the amplifiers, equalisers & multiswitch, if a second satellite is required then 9 cables will need to run down from the roof. From this central location if the system is not to be wired for Sky Plus, then only one cable is required to each dwelling.

If Sky Plus is required, then 2 cables will be run to each position. One of the most important aspects of an IRS system is the Planning, It is important to find out whether there is going to be a requirement for Sky Plus and if the tenants require reception from any other satellite. Bigger IRS Systems may need to be what is known as (cascade) IRS systems to cope with the longer cable runs.

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